Best Mental Health Discrimination Lawyers in PA

Treating someone differently from others due to their caste, region, sexual orientation, gender, color or race is known as discrimination. Some people experience a mental health problem and people surround him/her treat the person differently from others, whether consciously or subconsciously, it also comes under discrimination.

When we make presumptions about how mental health issues will influence somebody’s life, this makes it more probable that they will be singled out or marked as various, risky or strange. This is what we call stigma. People with mental illnesses often experience stigma & discrimination that can be worse than the illness itself.

Discrimination can affect a person mental illness and leaves some unseen effects. It affects them psychologically, as well as physically. It affects in the ways you wouldn’t imagine. Let us consider an example of depression. People think it’s just being ‘sad’ when its actual feelings of severe despondency and dejection. It affects the life of person severely and it may lead to the death of a person.

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The government of Pennsylvania has made laws for stopping this. You can file a case under various laws. If you have some mental health issue but you are eligible for any job profile, you can be discriminated in many ways in an organization due to the mental health problem. Discrimination can be in terms of hiring, promotion, compensation, health & medical benefits etc. If any organization is treating you different you should contact us now.

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