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Steve Franko of Tunkhannock shares how he spends his time and shares his talents living in Northeast PA!



I GREW UP in Falls, Wyoming County – God’s Country!

MY WIFE is Abba. We have a 9-year-old son, Adrien.

I AM an attorney and fight for justice.

WHAT I LIKE most about my job is helping people. My clients are often victims of those more powerful, and have been bullied.

IF I WASN’T DOING WHAT I AM DOING NOW, I would have enjoyed being a medical doctor. It would provide opportunities to truly help people.

I STAY ACTIVE volunteering with the United Way. We fund 22 different agencies in Wyoming County. We are basically the bank for community service funding. I am chairman of this year’s campaign and direct the large fundraisers such as the Marcellus Open, a premier golf tournament.

PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW I can perform a full Padangustasana (which is a stage-three, full toe-stand in Bikram form – Hot Yoga). Although I have not been putting much time in at the gym, I can still close-grip bench 365. Most people think you can’t be both strong and flexible; it takes work, but being well-rounded is important.

I AM ALWAYS elbows deep in something interesting… This year, I had a client cry in my arms. She was discriminated against by a Fortune 500 Company. Many other attorneys turned the case down thinking, “too hard, not enough value, etc.” I pride myself on putting 100 percent into everything I do. The result of that case, and seeing her actually get justice, is something that never gets boring.

MY FAMILY LOVES TO sing and dance! I am more “tone-deaf,” but it makes them so happy! We also love to see different cultures around the world, and we try to travel and broaden our horizons.

WE ARE ALSO ACTIVE in our church, St. Mary’s of the Lake in Lake Winola. I lector at Mass; my son is an altar boy, and my wife is involved in the RCIA program. We truly enjoy it, and at the end of your days, God and family are all you have.

I CAN RELAX WHEN I take cases to trial. The build-up is stressful, but once I am in court it is the most natural and calming thing. This probably makes me different from most lawyers. But if you take a count of the very best, they all truly enjoy trial, and you need to be able to go the distance.



MY FAVORITE SEASON is Spring, a time of renewal, and re-birth.



I AM PROUD to have raised a wonderful son and developed a meaningful program for driving more funds into the United Way and its agencies.


MY FAVORITE DELI is the Falls Bridge Deli. It is family owned, and the owners would do anything for you. Be sure to order a custom hoagie- mechanic’s special. I have not found one better!


Since finding his first issue of Happenings Magazine, Franko has been a fan! He sometimes picks up his monthly copy at Seasons Restaurant in Tunkhannock, but he usually reads it electronically at He also follows Happenings’ social media sites to keep an eye on events in the area. Franko enjoys reading Happenings’ articles, and e really likes the entire package it provides in showcasing the good in Northeast PA!

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