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Unpaid Wages Lawyers

It is possible that an employer doesn’t provide even a minimum salary to the employees or don’t pay as the government has decided to be minimum wages. If you believe that your employer is not giving you the deserving salary to you, you should consult an attorney for you. He/she will assist you hastily and tell you the required amount need to pay by the employer. If an employer doesn’t agree to pay you the deserving salary, an attorney will help you in filing a case against the employer.

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Minimum wage requirements

Minimum wages that are decided by FSLA in June 2009 is $7.25 per hour. Some employers try to pay less than minimum wages than this issue can be solved by hiring an attorney. If you are dealing with this issue and wants to get paid according to your work consult us and discuss your case with us.

A wage attorney helps you in determining the law for your minimum wages. We provide the best professionals who will guide you and helps you in finding the proper solution for it. He will help you in filing the case against the employer and in getting the deserving claim from the company.

Fair Labor Standards Act

FLSA is a federal law which describes that an employee should have minimum wages, overtime pay wages, child labor standards. It is made so that each employee of a private company or a government organization gets their deserving wages. According to FSLA if an employee works 40 hours a week he/she will get paid as per the overtime wages standards.

If Manager of a company denies for overtime wages or pays less than minimum salary he/she will be punished. The employee of a company can sue the employer for this and can get the claim for violating the law. The court can also give a punitive decision against the employer if the employee gets succeeded in proving the employer guilty.

PA Minimum Wage and PA Wage Payment and Collection Laws

Minimum wages that are decided by FSLA in June 2009 & by Pennsylvania government is $7.25 per hour. If a company is exempted then it can or can’t follow the minimum wage law. For consulting your case consult our best attorney.

Pennsylvania wage law also describes that while paying the staff of a company an employer has to follow a right procedure. If an employee is terminated, fired or leaving the job a procedure of paying the wages should be followed. If your employer is not paying you the deserving amount, an attorney can help you. A professional knows about all the laws and procedures by which you will get your wages by following a legal procedure. If your employer is not paying you according to law and violating the law, an attorney will sue him/her in the court, and he will be punished by the government and the company has to pay you a claim for unpaid wages and harassment.

PA Wages describes the minimum wage of an employee, overtime wages, Wages during health issues. At the Steve Franko Attorney, you will get the professional you are searching for.

Minimum wage exception – tipped employees

Tipped employees are those who earn more than $30 per month from the tips provided by the customers. The tips that are earned, the employer is prohibited from using those tips. Only tips contribute in deciding about the category of the employee. i.e. an employee is a tipped employee or not.

According to FLSA, an employer can get benefit from tips is that he/she has to pay the wages to the employee equals to the difference between the required wage and the minimum wage. The minimum wage according to FLSA for a tipped employee is $7.25 per hour & the required cash wage is $2.13. So by this, an employer can take advantage of $5.12 per hour.

The employer can collect all the tips from the employee but the employer has to distribute it among all the tipped employee. For example in a restaurant or bar, the amount collects from the tips can be distributed among all the waiters, waitresses, bellhops.An Employee, who serves to the customers, is also eligible for getting tips. The employee who works as a chef, dishwasher & janitors is not allowed to get tips. If a non-tipped employee works on the behalf of tipped employee, i.e. A dishwasher is also serving to the customers, then he is available for tips for the time period he had worked as a tipped employee.

If any employer resists giving the tipped amount or use it for its own benefits, then that employer can be sued. The employee can complain him and the court will resolve this issue by punishing that employer. Punishment can be punitive punishment or the employer has to pay the claim, attorney fee, unpaid wages, unpaid tips and other benefits to the employee.

Wage Collection

If you have an issue regarding wage collection, you should consult an attorney. An attorney can help you in estimating the actual unpaid wages and the claim you should file against your employer.
After fired from a company an employer have to pay wages for all hours that you serve to the company. After termination, an employer may not pay you, if your employer has not paid you an attorney can help you.

If you are deciding to file a case against the employer you should be quick, you should file a case as earlier than possible as an employer maintains the record of wages only for past 3 years. If you show laziness or carelessness, it may happen that some evidence may get modified or misplaced.

An attorney can help you in getting your unpaid wages earlier by fast forwarding your case. If you are looking for an attorney who can help you contact us. We have experienced lawyer who can assist you in an efficient way.

When should I contact a wage attorney?

When you are sure that you are not getting paid for your work you should consult an attorney. An attorney knows about all legal rights and procedures which will help you get your unpaid wages with a suitable claim. When you go for a quick action, soon you will get your unpaid wages. For discussing your case with an attorney consult our lawyer.

What sort of information do I need to have when I talk to a wage lawyer?

When you are going to talk to a wage layer you should have some sort of information or documents which include:

  • Your Date of joining or offer letter.
  • Your attendance Record.
  • The date on which employer stops giving you the salary.
  • You should know about your initial salary and current salary or bank details of your salary account.
  • If any increment is in between your serving period, you should know about that.

Why should I hire a wage attorney?

An attorney will check whether you are eligible according to FSLA or not and check about the company is paying you the required salary or not. After checking all he will proceed for a legal approach. An attorney knows about all legal rights and procedures which will help you get your unpaid wages with a suitable claim.

When you have an attorney, the employer will consider your case carefully. It is possible that you don’t have a need to take the headache of court visits. It is possible due to an attorney the employer solves yours complain on their behalf. When you have an attorney he/she will be able to help you regard getting the proper claim from the employer and deserving position and salary.

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