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Union Lawyers

If an organization has a team of unions that negotiate with the employer on the behalf of staff members then they have a collective bargaining agreement. If a union in a company is not doing his job and the employee doesn’t get their issues resolved then they can consult a Union Lawyer.

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Can I sue the union?

Yes, you can sue the union. Before suing the union, you have to take care of some points. If that is valid, then you can sue the union.

  1. The Union is not doing its work: If your complaint about an issue to the union, and they are not doing their duty, or they are not making any steps to resolve your issue then you can sue the union.
  2. Wrong Termination of employee: If an employee of a company is fired from the organization without any reason or the members are not providing any pieces of evidence of making this decision then you can sue the union.
  3. The Union is not making fair decisions: If a union of a company is not making the fair decision about employee issue such as age discrimination, disability discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment etc., then the union can be sued under discrimination act.

If your company union is not doing the faithful and correct decisions and you are looking for a union lawyer, contact us. We can assist you and will handle your case with dedication. Our experience and knowledge will definitely help you in resolving this issue.

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