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Client Testimonial.

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“Steve handled a complicated case for my company, He was an extremely skilled litigator and got a terrific settlement for us. He was very devoted to the case and communicated as often as necessary.”
Great Litigator

“Attorney Franko was very helpful, knowledgeable, and caring during the events of my case. I had previously hired an experienced attorney from a well-known area firm, and had I continued to retain his services over Attorney Franko’s, not only would I have lost financial compensation, I would have incurred increased bodily damage from a misdiagnosed spinal injury that he discouraged a second opinion on. Attorney Franko doesn’t over promise compensation, but he also works his hardest to reach the best possible outcome for his clients. I was, and continue to be, treated with respect and kindness. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues, and would continue to do so.”
Personal Injury Case

“Attny Franko was very professional, helpful, and was able to get our case through the system in a very short time. After years of dealing with a CYS that tends to favor the mother and ignore the actual facts, Attny Franko was able to get us a day in court within a very short time. It only took us about 6 months from the time we consulted with Attny Franko to the time we received our full custody papers. Now our son is able to concentrate on school and live a life that a normal teen should. We are very thankful to Attorney Franko for his diligence and his experience within the local area.”
Child Custody

“Steve was referred to me by a friend. I was in a bad spot at the time and needed legal help with splitting some join real estate property. Steve was extremely knowledgeable and gave me sound advice. He was the third attorney I spoke with regarding this matter and I felt he had my best interest at the forefront of every action.
Like I said above Steve was the third attorney I spoke with regarding my legal matter and by far the youngest. So I was rather shocked on how more in depth he knew the ins and outs of the law when I compared to the current attorney I had working my case. Thanks, Steve”
Revie of Stephen Henry Franko

“Steve provided excellent advice and diligently prepared filings which resulted in a successful outcome in my custody and divorce case. Highly Recommend!”
Successful Family Law Outcome

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