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Civil rights have made it illegal to mistreat someone based on characteristics that are out of their control. You want to make sure you are getting treated fairly and equally and Steve Franko can help protect you. Your rights as a human are protected under federal law and the moment someone violates your rights for an unlawful reason, you’ll want to take legal action. Steve Franko represents clients who have been discriminated against on the basis of age, sex, race, and religion and disability. There have been laws and regulations passed protecting individuals in other instances such as pregnancy and marital status.

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The Age Discrimination act states that employers cannot refuse to hire someone over the age of 40. However, the law does not work both ways. Age can be a factor in the hiring process when deciding between someone who is younger or older for a particular position.


As per The Equal Pay Act, it is unlawful to create a disparity in compensation between men and women based on their gender. Although this act covers paying employees for equal work compensation, you also cannot be discriminated for a position based on your gender.


The Civil Rights Act of 1964 helped relieve some discriminatory acts when considering anyone as a tenant, or employee. You cannot be denied a promotion or raise on the basis of color or being associated with any particular group.


Both the Civil Rights Act and First Amendment protect anyone from being discriminated on the basis of religion. Employers should make reasonable accommodations to practice religion and give time off for recognized holy days, although they may not be compensated. Your employer must let you dress a certain way if your religion requires and you cannot be denied housing or a mortgage based on religion. Students are also allowed to pray privately in schools.

Steve Franko will fight for your civil rights in any category you make a claim in. Your basic human rights should not stand in the way of your advancement, and he will ensure you a solid case for these rights.

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