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When you are investing in any business or organization, you need to make some transactions. These are the vital part of a business. Sometimes the transaction is of small amount & sometimes it is a large amount. Before making a transaction, a business owner should consult an attorney as he will assist him in choosing where to invest and from where the organization will get the benefit.

Major Transactions are made during:

  • During Property Sale
  • During Property Purchase
  • During Restructuring Process

To get an assist for property sale or purchase, contact us. We deal with these issues and guides our clients hastily and all clients are satisfied with our services. Protected employees are terminated from a business, businesses may often choose to provide a severance package as part of a release of claims against the employer. While there is no obligation on behalf of the employer to pay an employee after they are laid off or fired, it often makes sense to avoid the potential claims by providing the employee with a severance package.

By providing a severance agreement with an employee, the employer and employee can mutually benefit from the agreement. For employers, the benefits include a release of any and all legal claims the employee may have against the employer, a transition period to help prevent the knowledge loss that can often occur when an employee leaves, and the creation of a non-competition provision that prohibits the employee competing with the business and/or from soliciting customers and employees of the business.

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