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Trademark is an identity of an organization. Registering the trademark of an organization with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) might be the contrast between effectively securing the brand name and losing it to a contender.

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1) Registered Trademarks:

A “registered trademark” confers a bundle of exclusive rights upon the registered owner, including the right to exclusive use of the mark in relation to the products or services. A registered trademark is followed by ® the symbol.

2) Unregistered Trademarks:

An “unregistered trademark” is one which does not possess legal benefits. But in some cases, an unregistered trademark may get common law benefits. Unregistered marks are defined as marks which are not registered in relation to goods or services (that is named, marks or logos used in relation to a business) under the Trademark Act. An unregistered trademark is followed by the ™ symbol.

Benefits of trademark registration

    1. Securing exclusivity.
    2. Geographical Coverage.
    3. Deterring & preventing others to choose your brand name.
    4. Protecting yourself from infringement claims.;
    5. Controlling the use of your brand by others.
    6. Capturing the value of what you create.

Need of attorney when you receive a Cease and Desist letter:

If your organization got a cease or desist letter for using the trademark of an organization, you have to consult an attorney for this problem. If you are looking for an attorney who helps you and can assist you in dealing with this problem, then our lawyers has the best lawyers to choose for this problem. Contact us for resolving the trademark dispute.

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