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Shareholder Disputes.

Shareholder Dispute Lawyers

A business of any size may include shareholders or proprietors who have controversy. From small to mid-scale organizations are particularly inclined to creating real issues due to which some controversies occur in between two partners. Working with each other becomes difficult as many disputes occur in many ways.

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Management deadlock

The Deadlock between owners can arise when there is an even split in the decision-making authority. If a deadlock arises, businesses can often be harmed because of their inability to act. To address this potential before it happens, there are a number of ways a business can be organized whereby this is prevented before a problem arises.

Shareholder oppression

Problems may occur between two or more shareholders who have different positions in an organization. However, in Pennsylvania closely-held corporations, majority shareholders and directors owe a fiduciary duty to the minority shareholders and shareholders generally. Majority shareholders are not allowed to use their power to oppress minority stakeholders or to manipulate a business so that it favors their interests unfairly over that of the minority shareholders. In situations where the management or directors fail to act reasonably, a minority shareholder can act on behalf of the company and bring a lawsuit on behalf of the company.

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