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Business Restructuring Lawyers

When a significant change in debt, operation or a structure of a company is made to protect it from financial harm or to improve the business restructuring, some actions are taken. If an organization has to hand over its business to some new owner, restructuring attorney is required. An attorney can assist an organization in two ways. First way, an attorney can assist by not taking any side of a particular individual, he acts as a representative for the whole business. Another way an attorney can assist by acting as a presenter of the owner. It can include issues related to:

  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Stock Redemption Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements or Stockholder Agreements
  • Bylaws or Amended and Restated Bylaws

If you want to restructure your business Steve Franko Law attorneys can assist you in the best way. Contact one of the best business law attorney for a consultation about what restructuring services we can provide for you.

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Organization ownership Restructure

Organization ownership Restructure is a way that a business can be modified. It happens in small organizations & it may be due to:

  • New investors
  • New Financial Shareholder
  • Merger of at least two organizations
  • Investor buyouts
  • Shareholder retirement
  • Death & Disability

Organization Entity Restructure

Another way that a business can be restricted is by modifying the Organization Entity. Come to fruition through an assortment of ways:

  • When the owner of multiple companies, merges all the companies with a single company.
  • When a company is divided into two or more different companies.

If an organization either wants to Organization ownership Restructure or Organization Entity Restructure, they should take assistance from an attorney and that’s what a Steve Franko Firm has done for his clients.

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