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Litigation Defense.

Business Litigation Defense Lawyers

During a business almost each organization has to face commercial litigation. Large business companies have a full-time attorney, and they assist them when litigation is filed. But When litigation is filled small organizations search for an outside litigation defense attorney for themselves. A Steve Franko Law business attorney can provide the resources for a small business when it is facing the prospect of litigation or is involved with litigation currently.

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Employment lawsuit

Small companies generally confront the case in the territory of business law. A few states and government laws protect employees, and when managers disregard those assurances, workers document claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the federal court or state court. Probably the most widely recognized potential cases against a business include:

  • FLSA wage violations
  • FMLA medical leave violations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Age, disability, race, and sex discrimination
    • Under federal law, with the EEOC
    • Under Pennsylvania state law, with the PHRC

Breach of contract lawsuit

Organizations can also be sue when they are blaming for creating a gap between written or spoken contracts. The individual who is suing can be a vendor/supplier or customer/client. In each case, it is crucial to have experienced legal representation that can defend the company’s interests in court.


If an agent of your business or an employee causes harm to another person or entity, there is the potential for a lawsuit. Under the doctrine of responded at superior, an employer can be liable for the actions of an agent or employee in the course of their employment. Because of this, proper screening of employees is vital as well as knowledge of when an employee may harm the business to be exposed to liability.

Claim Evaluation

Any business rival or unsatisfied customer can claim against the organization. For that, an organization requires an attorney to make a decision regarding many issues like the organization should fight for the claim, or they should try for the settlement. Each organization requires a knowledgeable adviser to provide advice on how to proceed. At the Steve Franko Law business attorneys have the experience and knowledge to advise on these matters and can provide guidance on whether to fight the claim, attempt to negotiate a settlement or report the claim to an insurer.

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