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General Counsel Attorney

Every business company requires an attorney for its legal requirements, whether it is a small scale business, organization or a large scale business organization. The Large-scale business company hires an attorney for full time, but small scale business companies don’t hire for full-time. We provide a general counsel to all organizations that will assist you for various types of disputes an organization can face. By Hiring our attorneys as your business’s general counsel, you can ensure that you will have the assistance of experienced business attorneys who know you and your business.

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Business Checkup

Even when there is no perceptible dispute, Savvy entrepreneurs, occasionally utilize an attorney to examine on their legal disputes to be addressed at the time. Similarly, as prepared specialists utilize master’s eyes and demonstrative instruments to recognize issues, experienced legitimate group spot sneaking issues, so they can be preemptively tended to. Undiscovered legitimate disputes, for example, potential claims, can contaminate different zones of operations to the point where they debilitate the life of the business itself.

Employment practices

Small entrepreneurs are at greater risk of litigation for employment practices. Steve Franko Firm has experienced Law attorney who can assist you regarding addressing possible legal issues and procedures if acting against an employee who may be protected. This firm has a potential that can help an upset employee regarding any Employment Practice Disputes, such as discrimination on race, sex, age, or disability, sexual harassment, FMLA violation, or FLSA violation.

Business advice

Steve Franko Law business attorneys can provide assistance beyond strictly legal matters. The business experience of many years enables us to act as a trusted source of counsel for businesses on all matters, including marketing strategies, financial issues, accounting, tax treatment, and overall business strategy. Our network has professionals who are knowledgeable about the various disputes an organization can face and how to proceed it for the best solution.

Steve Franko Law attorney can help you and your business in any legal matter or other concern your business may have. Contact us for best business lawyers for a free consultation today to see how our business attorneys can assist you.

Commercial office leases

Leasing premises for commercial purpose and running a business includes various disputes that need to be discussed and settled before further proceeding. Various issues to be discussed before Commercial office leases include:

  • Snow/ice removal
  • Maintenance
  • Signage
  • Security
  • Parking
  • Heating and air conditioning

Commercial Retail or Restaurant Leases

Leasing premises for commercial purpose and running a restaurant includes various disputes that need to be discussed and settled before further proceeding. Here are some questions that an organization has to investigate before dealing with any commercial retail and restaurant leases.

  • Investigate about any incentives for a rental fee or other discounts.
  • How much rent will increase per year or for how long rent increases will occur over the lease terms?
  • Who is responsible for maintenance of the common areas?
  • If the landlord will agree for not to accept any competing businesses as tenants in the location.

The Steve Franko Law attorneys can help provide insight for questions you may want to ask regarding your specific lease agreement.

Claim Evaluation

Any business rival or unsatisfied customer can claim against the organization. For that, an organization requires an attorney to make a decision regarding many issues like the organization should fight for the claim, or they should try for the settlement. Each organization requires a knowledgeable adviser to provide advice on how to proceed. At the Steve Franko Law business attorneys have the experience and knowledge to advise on these matters and can provide guidance on whether to fight the claim, attempt to negotiate a settlement or report the claim to an insurer.

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